Attack against our LGBTQ community

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Just this past week a friend was invited to link up and hang out by a gentleman in Owimgsmill Md. He went to meet the man around 10 Willheaven Cir which at that time he encounter the same man who invited him to meet but what he didn’t know is the cruel intentions the man had for my friend. He pulled out a gun and continually beat him with it until my friend surrender. The attacker stoled his car leaving my friend to fend for himself knocking on all surrounding doors with a bloody face. The very next day my friend makes a post on his profile and a trans victim came forward that she was also invited to linkup by the same man who then raped her and left her with battle wounds as she try to get the gun away from her. What a courageous woman to fight for her life the way she did. Once again a report was made and that’s 2 reports with evidence and the PD still yet to do their job. A third victim came forward 3 days later that they was also robbed at gun point which at the time the victim asked for a picture and confirmed it was the same man who previous beat the first victim with the gun and stole their car, raped and robbed the transgender and now robbed the third victim. Please help me help these victims to bring justice to them. Our community is being neglected and the justice system is clearly turning the blind eye on this situation. Let us stand united and fight against this senseless act of violence against our LGBTQ community. This man is only targeting our kind. Together we stand against our attackers and together we will watch them fall into the hands of justice. Below is the picture of the attacker please if you know him or have any information of him come forward even if is an anonymous tip all tips will be greatly appreciated. For the privacy of the victims I cannot post their pictures as they are afraid for their life's and the possible retaliation 

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