It's Prime Lice season! Time for Lice: Q & A, with local Timonium business, Md Lice Control


It's Prime Lice Season, Time for Lice: Q & A with Md Lice Control

I'm often asked does lice have a season. Lice don't really have a season because it's always the same season on your head. But summer is my busiest season. Why? Camp. Yes, kids get lice at school but mostly there are less opportunities for close contact. There is much more close head to head exposure at camp because camp is all about fun. This season lice are raging so please make sure your kids go to camp lice free and check them when they return. This is especially true for sleep away camps.

Q: Can you avoid lice by having your hair clean/dirty? 

A: - I hear this from both sides. The truth is lice like hair. period. Lice don't care if your hair is clean or dirty. If you are completely bald you don't need to worry about getting lice.

Q: Will Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil, Hairspray and Gel prevent and repel lice?

A: No scent or product can or will prevent lice. There are many "Lice Prevention " products on the market but there is no solid proof these products actually prevent lice. There is more evidence that they don't prevent lice. These products only create a false sense of security. The only true lice prevention is to check for lice weekly with a good lice comb on a wet head with detangling spray.

Q: Can you get rid of lice in one treatment?

A: No lice product or process can effectively be used to defeat lice in one treatment. Why, because no product or process kills nits which are lice eggs. This is why we defeat lice with a series of 3 treatments with a dimethicone- based product like our CLC Lice Attack Solution.

Q: Are Lice living in my house?

A: Lice cannot live in your house. Lice can only live on a human head. Live lice need the warmth and human blood they can only get from a human head. Any bugs that may come off the head onto any surface must find their way back to a human head or will die after 12-36 hours. Housecleaning is done when live bugs are apparent. Only items that directly touch the head need to be cleaned such as bedding, brushes, and furniture that is fabric.

Q: Do lice fly or jump?

A: Lice do not fly or jump. They crawl from one head to another through direct head to head contact. An extended hug is enough time for a louse to transfer from one head to the next.

Q: Can Lice be spread to my pets?

A: Dogs and cats cannot get lice. The dog and cat version of lice is fleas. All mammals have their own species of lice. It cannot live on another species.

Lice can be exhausting, confusing and overwhelming. Friends and family want to help but there is no home remedy for lice and a lot of bad advice out there. There is no magic wand when it comes to lice.Be wary of those willing to take advantage of your fear with a miracle product that only takes your money and creates a false sense of security. Lice can also be easy when you have the best tools and a trusted source of accurate information that makes common sense.

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