Baltimore County Launches Innovative Textile Recycling Program


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BALTIMORE COUNTY - Baltimore County has unveiled a new textile recycling program in an effort to diminish the ever-growing textile waste stream, which currently fills nearly 5% of all landfill space in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

County residents can now dispose of their used textiles like clothing, shoes, backpacks, and various household textiles such as sheets, towels, and curtains at any of the County's three drop-off facilities. To be eligible for recycling, the items must be clean, dry, odorless, and bagged.

Baltimore County Director of Solid Waste Management, Nick Rodricks, expressed his enthusiasm for the program, saying, "Textiles are a surprisingly large share of what residents throw away, so we're very happy to have a new outlet for these materials." He added that the program aligns with their long-term waste reduction goals and encouraged residents to participate by collecting their old clothes for drop-off at the designated facilities.

The initiative is a collaboration with Helpsy, a certified B Corporation that specializes in extending the lifecycle of secondhand clothing. Helpsy has a proven track record of successfully partnering with municipalities and organizations to collect unwanted clothing while giving back to the community. According to Helpsy, the company donated over $500,000 to charities via collection partnerships, saved municipalities more than $1.5 million in disposal fees, and donated over 28,000 coats to those in need in 2022 alone.

Dan Green, Co-founder and CEO of Helpsy expressed his company's commitment to changing perceptions about clothing recycling and adhering to the highest level of social and environmental performance. "Helpsy's mission is to keep clothes out of the trash," he said.

Residents looking for more information about the County's recycling programs and Helpsy's municipal partnership can contact the Bureau of Solid Waste Management at (410) 887-2000 or visit Helpsy's website.

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