From High School Yearbook Promise To Inspiring Future Generations: Baltimore County Astronaut Selected for NASA's Artemis II Mission


The crew of NASA’s Artemis II mission is pictured above. From left to right, the members are NASA astronauts Christina Hammock Koch, Reid Wiseman (seated), Victor Glover and Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen. (Credit: NASA)

BALTIMORE COUNTY - Reid Wiseman was a senior at Dulaney High School in 1993 when he made a promise to himself. According to Baltimore County Public Schools, the caption under his yearbook photo began with the words "FUTURE PLANS: Fly high."

Over the last 30 years, Wiseman worked hard to achieve his goals, but he has not forgotten his time as a Baltimore County Student.

Wiseman was selected for NASA's Artemis II mission, launching no earlier than November 2024. He will spend roughly ten days traveling more than 230,000 miles, flying about 6,400 miles past the Moon.

In a news release, BCPS interviewed Stephen Shaw, a physics and astronomy teacher and science department chair at Dulaney High. He described Wiseman as "the Neil Armstrong for our generation."

Wiseman's first trip to space was in 2014, when he spent more than five months on the International Space Station conducting experiments and spacewalks. According to BCPS, Wiseman reached out to Shaw in early 2014, asking him to be the school's point of contact for the astronaut while onboard the ISS.

Shaw's first year teaching at Dulaney was Wiseman's senior year. He said that although he didn't know Wiseman personally, he knew friends of the future astronaut and had heard his name around the school.

"NASA asked me to fill out some forms, and Reid gave me his email address so I could contact him on the space station and his cell phone number," Shaw told BCPS. "He answered questions my students submitted, and he recorded some audio for our morning news team, including saying the pledge."

Wiseman was an invaluable resource for educating students about space. According to Shaw, "he was so busy on the Space Station, but he always had time for us. Those five months were a joy! He sent us pictures from space of where he grew up and the Loch Raven Reservoir area. He made some videos for us. It was magnificent."

Dulaney High School was able to thank Wiseman for his dedication to local students when he returned to Baltimore County in 2015. The astronaut received a hero's welcome, with more than 2,000 Dulaney students attending the school's first-ever distinguished alumni award presentation. According to BCPS, Wiseman held a press conference for journalism students at the school after the ceremony, during which he "couldn't give enough of his time" to helping and encouraging students.

Shaw said that he and Wiseman have remained in touch, visiting each other whenever Wiseman returns home.

"Our community has enjoyed an incredible amount of excitement thanks to him," Shaw said. "I mention often to my students that Reid went to the schools that they attended – Warren Elementary School, Cockeysville Middle School, and Dulaney High School – and they could live out a really awesome dream just like him."

You can read more about the Artemis II mission and its crew here.

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