Mangitude 2.0 Earthquake Hits Sykesville


Credit: Shutterstock

SYKESVILLE - Did you feel it? A magnitude 2.0 Earthquake hit Sykesville yesterday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The USGS reported an earthquake at Patapsco Valley State Park late Tuesday night. The quake occurred five kilometers below the surface, and some on social media say they could feel it as far away as Baltimore City.

A magnitude 2.0 earthquake is relatively tiny. According to the USGS, it may feel like a subtle, gentle shake.

"A small earthquake nearby will feel like a small sharp jolt followed by a few stronger sharp shakes that pass quickly."

"A small earthquake far away will probably not be felt at all, but if you do feel it, it will be a subtle, gentle shake or two that is easier to feel if you're still sitting down."

Earthquakes in Maryland are rare, but just last year, a 2.1 magnitude quake shook Clarksville, and in 2010, a 3.4 magnitude quake occurred in the Germantown area.

If you felt the earthquake, you can report it here.

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