Motorcycle Club Sends Care Packages to Troops in Afghanistan

Reisterstown's Motorcycle Club V boxed hundreds of items for soldiers in Afghanistan Wednesday night.

Santa Claus has to seriously fuel up his sleigh come this holiday season. Thanks to the MCV (Motorcycle Club 5), he’s dropping off a large haul to troops on the frontlines in Afghanistan.

After two fundraising events in November generated more than $5,000, MCV members gathered Wednesday night to put together care packages destined for the 2-27th Infantry Battalion of Bravo Company stationed at COP Monti in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

The shipment, which was mailed on Thursday, includes Christmas decorations, snack foods, candy, DVDs, CDs, magazines, sports equipment and other games that will provide the troops with ample entertainment for their downtime.  

MCV member Neil “Carver” Levy said the 30 large boxes should arrive prior to Christmas Day. He also acknowledges that none of this could be possible without the dedication of his colleagues and a heap of support from community members (including many veterans) and fellow motorcycle organizations.

“We’re very happy that the whole project has gone so successfully,” Levy said. “People have just been tremendously generous and we seem to have touched on something that’s important to a lot of people in this community and we’re really glad that we’re able to do something cool for this unit in Afghanistan.

“We have got some reports back from them and we know they’re in a dangerous place and they got it pretty tough, so we’re glad that around the holidays we can do something for them.”

The MVC raised the money through its ride to High Rock Park on November 6 and a M*A*S*H party at on November 17. Through their devotion and generosity from supporters—some of whom the MCV encountered through this cause alone—one group of soldiers will have reason to enjoy themselves come the holiday.

“We’re very gratified that so many people stepped up,” Levy said. “People found out about what we were doing and they were very eager to help us out in some way.”


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