Oak Crest Retirees Pay Tribute To Ravens Super Bowl Season

In a video, 71-year-old Gene Miller imitates Ray Lewis' "squirrel dance".

The Baltimore Ravens have settled in down in New Orleans and they're getting ready to take on the 49ers in the Super Bowl; meanwhile, back at home, retirees at Oak Crest are getting ready to cheer on the home team.

In this YouTube video, titled "Super Dreams", 71-year-old Oak Crest resident Gene Miller leads the Oak Crest team in performing the Ravens pre-game ritual, including his own version of Ray Lewis' famous "squirrel dance".

"I've been a Baltimore sports fan since 1965, and this year's Ravens team has been as exciting as any I've seen," Miller said in a press release. "From Purple Fridays to game-day viewing, Oak Crest residents have enjoyed cheering on the team."

Miller, who also participated in Dancing with the Oak Crest Stars, said participating in the video was about trying something new while supporting his team.

"Retirement is about possibilities and trying new things," Miller said. "We're having fun."

Aside from Miller, 60 Oak Crest residents and staff appear in the video.

Ernie Rehmeyer, another resident who appears in the video, said sports are all about dreams; from taking the field to winning the big game, something he's optimistic the Ravens will pull off.

"It's been fun to see everyone around town cheer on the Ravens to the Super Bowl. They'll get the job done in New Orleans!"

lindsay January 31, 2013 at 04:50 PM
Is that Debbie Phelps in the end?


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