MPT Wagers Crab Cakes, Berger Cookies Against San Fran Station

Maryland Public Television’s CEO made a Super Bowl bet with his counterpart at a San Francisco station.

Larry Unger expects to be swimming in Ghiradelli chocolate and sourdough bread after the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl.

The president and CEO of Maryland Public Television, which is based in Owings Mills, posed a wager to San Francisco’s KQED that if the Ravens win, they send MPT some treats from San Francisco. If the 49ers win, it’s crab cakes and Berger cookies for KQED.

“When the Ravens made it into the Super Bowl, we started thinking immediately, ‘What can we do that’s fun and brings and a little more notoriety to the game?’” Unger said. “And we came up with ‘let’s make a bet.’”

John Boland, president and CEO at KQED, accepted immediately. While Unger knows Boland from the public media circuit, and says he’s a really nice guy, he still hopes their team loses.

“I’m hopeful we’re going to have a lot of chocolate running through this place,” Unger said.

Unger, who remembers the Baltimore Colts in their heyday, said he hasn’t seen Baltimore this charged up in a while.

“I think it brings great glory to the city, and we’re kind of on a high,” he said. “The Orioles were great this year, and now we have a shot at the Super Bowl.”


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