New Town Football Season Nullified, Title Game Canceled

New Town High School's football team was disqualified from the 1A North Final for playing all season with an ineligible player, sources say.

's offensive outburst against the state's best defense in the Class 1A North semifinal may have been all for naught.

The MPSSAA informed school officials Monday afternoon that the Titans would have to vacate all 10 wins from this season because one of their players was ineligible, said Regis Johnson, a New Town resident and mentor to several of the school's football players.

That means the team will not play Overlea in Friday's MPSSAA Class 1A North final. The Titans lost their only game of the year, 24-18, to Overlea during the regular season. The team beat Northwestern 40-12 Friday night in the regional semifinal.

New Town athletics director Reggie Brooks confirmed the forfeit to Varsity Sports Network. Titans coach Joe Holland declined to comment until more details emerged.

Johnson said he found out when he arrived at New Town to help with football practice Monday afternoon.

"I get up there…and they’re all in tears," Johnson said. "This would be a travesty…I know none of the coaches would ever play a kid who wasn’t eligible."

According to Johnson, MPSSAA and Baltimore County Athletics officials claim a player on the Titans' team competed in five separate football seasons, between New Town High School and Milford Mill High School.

Players may only participate in four seasons.

Denikwa James, whose son, Tony James, is a senior on the Titans roster, told Patch that the player in question submitted the proper paperwork for transfer.

"He received the letter saying that he could play. But when they went through, the MPSSAA they said he was ineligible," said James, who is also the head women's basketball coach at Franklin High School.

Upon learning of the situation today, New Town canceled the team's scheduled afternoon practice.

"[Tony's] very disappointed because this is his senior year and they’ve worked hard," James said of her son and his teammates. "Those group of boys have been together since their 10th grade … He’s very, very hurt."

Update, 2:34 p.m.: Official paperwork has not been submitted by the MPSSAA , Johnson said. Parents are planning to meet with school offocials Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the library.

Tony November 15, 2011 at 02:54 AM
This is just farcical high school football starts all the way in August and no one knew untill just now? Then new towns athletic fields are not even up to par as they should be for a new school no turf, not even the new style goal posts, and not enough adequate seating for the larger crowds of people that want to attend these athletic events!


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