Spokesman: U. of Phoenix Closure Will Be Gradual Phase Out

The college is closing campuses—including its Timonium location—as part of a nationwide restructuring.

While it is unclear exactly when the University of Phoenix will shutter its Timonium learning center, a company spokesman says that the 70 students who attend the Greenspring Drive campus will be allowed to finish their degrees first.

In a company earnings call, the college announced that it would be gradually phasing out 115 learning centers across the country, including Timonium, and satellite campuses Rockville and Greenbelt.

About 11 University employees in Maryland will be laid off as part of the transition. The college's Columbia campus will remain open. 

“What we’re finding is that the majority of our students, whether across the country or in Maryland, are choosing to complete their degree online. We are adjusting to meet those demands,” spokesman Rick Castellano said.

Apollo Group Inc., which owns the college, will continue to operate 112 learning centers in 36 states including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, as the country’s largest for-profit college.

“What this decision allows us to do is align additional resources and investments into those 112 locations,” Castellano said.

The realignment was ordered following a decline in on-campus enrollment, where more students were choosing to pursue degrees online.  

“The vast majority of University of Phoenix students complete their degrees online. The students that go to the University of Phoenix are adult, working learners,” Castellano said. “They are usually over the age of 25, have a job, juggling responsibilities while continuing their education.”

Offering peace of mind to the 13,000 students across the country who may be affected by the restructuring, the University of Phoenix announced last month that it would be instituting a tuition freeze.

“Our current and new students will be guaranteed the current tuition throughout their education up until graduation,” Castellano said.  

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