PHOTOS: Ice Cream-Making as Science at Hannah More STEM Fair

Students at the Hannah More School learned how everyday processes like video games and baseball are based in science at Wednesday's STEM fair.

While students get their share of math and science in their classrooms, seeing their academic subjects at work in real life can be a much more meaningful experience.

At Wednesday morning’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fair, students conducted and participated in demonstrations that showed them how lipids and proteins interact, how scientific properties govern ice cream-making and how salt water can carry electricity.

“They get exposed to seeing science in a different light and math in a different light,” said high school science teacher Scott Derby. “They’re getting to see hands on, to hopefully ignite that spark of interest.”

Students created project boards that were displayed in the school’s gymnasium. Topics included musicians’ hearing, the science of broken bones, the speed of video gamers, aquaponics and how baseball stadium sizes affect batting statistics.

Check out the photo gallery for more information on the demonstrations at the STEM fair.


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