Franklin Students Give to Charity on Penny Wednesdays

Franklin High students are donating their loose change to various charities thanks to the school's National Honor Society.

Every week, students are proving that something as small as a few pennies can go a long way.

Thanks to Penny Wednesdays, a weekly event in which National Honor Society (NHS) students collect donations during homeroom, Franklin has already raised more than $600 for charity, NHS advisor Catherine Holden said.

The proceeds are sent to the Bea Gaddy Family Center, Coats for Kids and the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

“It teaches the kids in the organization that small acts—things that take you 10 minutes—can have big rewards,” Holden said. “It teaches the kids in the homerooms that giving a penny here and there can have a big change.”

Every Wednesday morning between first and second period, NHS students drop into each of Franklin’s 45 homerooms with a small plastic container and one big goal: encouraging their classmates to think of others in need.

Having already raised a good amount of money, one can tell the message is catching on.

“It shows that we actually care about the community around us. We’re not just [out] for ourselves,” said senior Esanye Ogbe, one of the 40 NHS students partaking in the weekly event.  

“We have this extra money, so why not give to charity? Why not give it to people who need it? It says that [Franklin] really likes to be involved and help those less fortunate.”   

While some may be more motivated to donate since it’s the holiday season, Franklin’s NHS students are well aware people's struggles don’t go away just because Thanksgiving and Christmas have already passed. Penny Wednesdays starts in the beginning of the school year and goes through June when school lets out.

“The holidays just remind people who are in that situation that they don’t have something that’s important to them,” senior Nya Upshur said. “But I don’t think people should really focus on [just] the holidays, because that’s their life. They need help. For us to do it all year round is really important.

“I just think it shows that we’re teenagers, so we can be selfish, but we can be selfless at the same time.”


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