Believe in what we have. I state my beliefs and support

I choose to Stand UP and Speak Out. If it angers you, move on. You are not my audience. I speak to those who find agreement but need someone to join them in their similar beliefs.

 I support the re-election of President Obama. Given the conditions, I think he has done a terrific job in his first term. This statement should not be a surprise to the very few who post here.

 In spite of the tags and labels tossed at me that do little to help a cause, I make every effort to post facts and I solicit factually supported opinion. I shall continue.

Further, I shall do all possible within the bounds of truth, honesty, fact and legitimate debate to support our President in this coming election. My core beliefs are best supported by President Obama and the stated Democratic agenda.

I would like a higher rate of employment. I would like a minimum level of health care for all children as a basic right. I support the freedom for women to choose to have or not to have an abortion and that this be their choice, not one that is legislated. That is not to say that I encourage abortion but only that I acknowledge there to be cases and situations in which a safe medical choice should be available for the health of the adult mother or the child mother.

I believe in the freedom for each person to choose his religion or not a religion and in his right to choose Christianity or any other or to be agnostic. I accept that homosexuality is not a choice but an inherent trait therefore I support the equality of marriage to enable an equality of life.

I believe there is enough documentation that as large industries develop that could threaten our environment as well as our economy to their own self interest, that they will not self-regulate to the best interest of our earth and our people; therefore a degree of government guidance through legislation is necessary. That we the people need to be ever vigilant that this guidance is prudent and serving the interest of all.

I believe that neither a Romney administration nor the Obama administration can affect a sudden drop in our debt nor a sudden growth in our economy. However, I believe that either could affect a decline to the Pre Obama days.

My greatest trust is in the administration we have to solve our economic challenges... and still adhere to my basic beliefs for freedom and equality. They could do better but so could all of us with hindsight.  I think they will do better BECAUSE of the experience and hindsight from the last four years.

I believe that the extremely wealthy individuals and corporations are that way because of the support of the population and that it is a reasonable expectation that, in times of financial stress, they pay a larger percentage or a minimum tax or some equitable way that would enable us to retire our debt, lessen the burden on those less fortunate and create a country in which we are in harmony of purpose to protect our population and our earth.

It is not my tool to bury the less fortunate to prove a point by not supporting the deadbeats. I suggest that we work to encourage individual worth by education and support even if a few are seeking only a free ride.

 Those are not all my important beliefs but will suffice for those who make statements of surprise that I support our country and our President. I am aware that there are some who will react angrily at my statements of my beliefs and perceptions. I am not speaking to them. There are some who will feel good with my beliefs, it is to them I am speaking and offering validation and support to encourage them too to be seen and heard in their beliefs. I stand with you.

My beliefs will be better served by the Democrat party and the re-election of President Obama.

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Laura Roskelly September 07, 2012 at 01:50 PM
This "should not"
Patrick H. September 07, 2012 at 07:45 PM
Once again I am forced to vote against someone instead of for them. Fraking and offshore oil drilling (not to mention the pipelines through America) are all factors in my voting against Mitt.
Patrick H. September 07, 2012 at 07:47 PM
RUSTY FOR EDITOR! I think you would make a better and fairer editor than Mr. Lemke. I have never seen more naming calling or intolerance anywhere than in his articles. Thank you for keeping yours simple and civil.
Shanna September 10, 2012 at 10:21 PM
love it! In Obama's 4 years he has helped my family considerably. 1, he created a program for disabled or retired persons who receive under a certain amount of money yearly, to be reimbursed the Medicare Part B premium. My mom, who only gets 900/month now receives an extra $110 a month in her check. 2. he expanded the Medicare Part D plan which has reduced the amount of my mother's perscription co-pay resulting in extra money. 3. He allowed children to remain on the parent's healthcare until the age of 26. Now my 2 youngest children now has coverage. My son who has to work at his job for a year before he is even eligable for healthcare and it is still too expensive for his small income, and my daughter who is working at McDonalds part time while going to college part time. Both can now be covered while they are working their way up the financial ladder. Romney said that he would get rid of all these programs that have just been put into place. He also wants to give the Medicare premiums to the insured for them to buy private coverage. Though that may sound like it will work, I am scared that the insurance premiums will be too high for my mother to pay or she will have to settle for an insurance with less coverage. Right now, between her Medicare Part A, B, and D, and her gap insurance that she pays every month, her healthcare needs are met and within her income. I would hate to see her or someone like her to lose that.
Richard Hertz September 12, 2012 at 04:29 PM
"In spite of the tags and labels tossed at me that do little to help a cause, I make every effort to post facts and I solicit factually supported opinion. I shall continue." That bit of fiction was followed by not one single fact. I don't really care if you want to be an opinion writer, but don't pretend that you opinion is anything more than that.


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