To Achoo!...or Not: Tips to Fight Off the Flu

Combat the flu as best you can with these 9 easy points.

As we all know, the flu season is one of the most discussed topics for the wintry months, besides crocheted house socks (or maybe just in my corny home).  I'm sure you have heard the usual tips, "drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest," but after you have drowned yourself in fluids that you cannot taste, and rested enough for all of your lifetimes, what next?

Below I have listed some simple points to remember when you venture out into flu territory this Winter.

1. Drink lots of fluid

  • When you increase your fluid intake, it is difficult for mucus to build up in your system.


2. Opt for foods with fresh garlic

  • Fresh garlic contains a powerful antibiotic called allicin that makes the body an unfavorable environment for germs.


3. Wash your hands with soap & water whenever possible, instead of using               antibacterial gel

  • Remember that the antibacterial gel was created as an alternative to soap and water in cases where soap and water were not accessible.


4. Try to incorporate broccoli, strawberries, parsley, papaya, lemon juice, oranges,     and bell peppers into your diet when possible (they're LOADED with vitamin         C)

  • Vitamin C will definitely give you a fighting chance in the treacherous flu zone. Besides its reputation for aiding in tissue growth and repair, it is one of the most closely studied supplements in fighting plaque buildup in the arteries in addition to fighting germs.


5. Pay close attention to a scratchy throat, sweats, or any abnormal physical             symptoms

  • Don't be so hasty to medicate before you know exactly what's going on inside. Have your Doctor on speed dial but KNOW what your symptoms are before calling in. *Obviously don't allow symptoms proceed beyond an unhealthy state.


6. Notify anyone in your home of your symptoms and wipe down your home appliances and door knobs with soap and hot water.  *Disinfectants are great but Daddy always told me that the only thing that soap and water can't clean is a dirty conscious.  Save the disinfectant money to purchase ingredients for the next point-Smile.


7. Sore nasty tasting throat?

  • If you should notice that you need some healthy soothing action for a sore throat, try mixing into a small cup:

       -two tsp. honey

       -lime/lemon pulp with juice

       -three parsley "fans"

Cook in the microwave (optional but better) on 2-5 seconds, and down the hatch. *Note: The goal is to warm the ingredients to soothe your throat but also to release the healing properties in the ingredients NOT to burn yourself, so use care when warming your syrup. *I add a tat of fresh garlic to my homemade syrup.

8. *Optional Last, and hopefully not least, for your sake anyways....Get your FLU SHOT.  If you are not "into mainstream medicine" as I hear some folks say, please schedule a visit with a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Enjoy and Be Well!           

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