Clearing the Clutter

I was plagued with the classic cluttered schedule, cluttered mind and cluttered space syndrome.

Wellness Expert Heal Thyself~Daddy

After a week of silence and early Spring Equinox cleaning (I'm ahead of you Mighty Groundhog), I have been experiencing the greatest euphoric experience EVER!

I consulted the professional services of a professional organizer, and yes, that profession is greatly needed by all. I was plagued with the classic cluttered schedule, cluttered mind and cluttered space syndrome and the advice that I received from this amazing professional at Proper Etiquette Consulting, LLC has saved my life.

So I am sharing and baring it all for you.  My chief complaint to Sharlene Smellie, Owner and Operator of this godsend company, was that I could not stop the viscous cycle of cleaning and tearing up.  What I mean is that I would clean my home, only to tear everything apart, in search of one item.  I was beginning to look like a dog burying a bone daily, only to dig it up daily.  Below you will see the list of tasks that Smellie gifted me with, to set me on the path to sanity.

1.  Take pictures of every room in my home (focusing on the cluttered                      areas of the room)

2.  Email the pictures to Smellie for review

3.  Expect a call from Smellie-at this time we will review the pictures together via        phone (she is based out of Los Angeles, California)

4.  Give Smellie a short, but detailed idea of what my day consists of and my              overall goals for each room (she consults based on a functionality approach)

5.  Be prepared to purchase organizing boxes, resources, etc. based on Smellie's      analysis (don't expect to spend a ton of money-she specializes in frugal living)

6.  After you receive your emailed analysis of each space, go for it!

7.  Send your "After" pictures to Smellie for approval and feedback and sigh, you      are alive again.

What I love most about the art of de-cluttering and organizing, is the intentional mindful nature of the project.  It possesses all of the wellness exercises that I try to incorporate in my clients' services.




-Self Praise

-Consistent Application

The picture process of the assigned task is one that invokes great honesty and accountability because as we know, "A picture is worth a million curse words." When I took one of the pictures and reviewed it with Smellie, I was so embarrassed that I had allowed a small jewelry space to become so dysfunctional (remember, Smellie's approach).  Moving forward, I will take pictures of everything that I need to set an extra eye to view.  Hopefully I haven't given Smellie, horrible visions of clutter and chaos dancing in her head.  I'm sure she has seen worst with all of her high profile clients - I'm just a small fish in comparison.

I feel like a brand new person and I am that much greater to my clients!!! 

Try it out and remember March 20, 2013 marks the first day of the Spring Equinox.


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