2013 Wellness Warm-Up!

Jumpstart your 2013 Wellness Plan with this easy list. Pace yourself, monitor yourself and most importantly, believe in yourself and this journey will be awesome!! We can do it together, come on!

Happy New Year!

Many of you decided long before the ball began to drop this year that wellness would be a priority for the New Year. Watching the ball drop, I'm sure that just as many of you had no more of an idea on how to begin the wellness journey than you did last year. Well, the good news is that beginning a wellness journey is not as difficult as it seems and the even greater news is that you are not alone in searching magazines and the Internet for simple pointers to get started.

Below, you find some clear, easy steps in beginning your exciting journey to wellness.

1. Schedule a visit with your Physician

  • Extensive blood work is useful in determining where you stand in setting your wellness goals.

2. Create a 'Wellness Journal'

  • The first entry should be your current weight, the results from your physician, any aches, pains, or random thoughts on your current state (mental, physical, emotional, etc).  It is also useful to document any favorite foods, cravings, etc.
  • Avoid consuming a large smorgasbord of of food items throughout the day; this only complicates the documenting process for you.
  • Keep your meals simple and spaced out long enough to receive a solid response to document (this also applies to snacks).

3. Establish a day of 'duality' also known as a 'cheat day' (duality sounds so much more innocent in my opinion)

  • Lack of a 'duality day' threatens the prospects of a successful journey.  Remember...all work and no play (you know the rest).

4. Use Wednesdays to recharge

  • Mid-week is a great halfway point to gauge the overall progress of your journey.
  • Witness your thoughts, actions, etc. during this time.  This is when you may determine any modifications that you can make to your journey.
  • Balance your journey with relevant wellness reading material and unrelated 'leisure' reading material (remember the law of duality).

5. Consume plenty of water and eliminate frequently

  • This sounds like a no-brainer but you would be stunned to learn of how many folks embark on a wellness journey, leaving water behind. 
  • The elimination process is key in keeping you clear, clean, and focused.
  • Invest in a safe re-usable water bottle.

6. Cook more

  • Consuming home cooked meals will definitely give your new body a jump-start and send a clear message that change is 'a-comin!
  • Aim to prepare your meals with fresh herbs as opposed to processed bottled seasonings.
  • Set a reasonable dinner time that you can easily honor.
  • Always reward yourself after dinner with a healthy snack. This will send the signal to your brain that the ritual of eating is complete.
  • Try to shop, prepare, and consume every meal with applied mindfulness. *Simply put, think before you shop, prepare, and eat.

7. Stretch daily (morning & night).

8. Keep your journey (commitment) private for now

  • Sharing your committment to "be well" with others may set you up for the big self let down.  Examples---"I thought you stopped eating/drinking that stuff!"......."Well, I already knew you will slip, then slide on this wellness journey."  Let your actions lead and others will see your committment.

9. Breathe

  • Take frequent deep breaths throughout the day to allow cleansing thoughts and feelings to visit your body.  This will become your favorite exercise throughout this journey.  

*Begin your own (physician approved) workout to get things going on your wellness journey.

Good luck and Be Well!

NeAnna Roane McLean

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