Speed Cameras Deployed to 795

The warning period is in effect until May 29. On May 30, $40 citations will be sent to those going 12 or more miles per hour over the speed limit.

Hurried motorists on 795 will soon pay for their speeding.

Maryland State Highway officials have set up speed cameras at the Interstate 695/Interstate 795 interchange while the roadway is resurfaced.

The warning period will be in effect until May 29, and citations will be issued starting on May 30, according to a Maryland State Highway Administration press release. The speed limit of 60 mph on I-795 will not be reduced in the enforcement area. Citations will be issued for those motorists going 12 or more miles per hour over the speed limit. The citations cost $40.

SHA is repairing and resurfacing pavement on I-795 between I-695 and Owings Mills Boulevard. The $9.2 million project also includes upgrading traffic barriers, repairing storm drains, installing new pavement marking and resurfacing ramps at the Owings Mills Boulevard interchange. The project should be complete in fall 2013, SHA said.

Marc Shapiro May 07, 2012 at 08:06 PM
I think there's good points on both sides of this argument. It's always a good idea to not speed and be a safe driver. While I don't think speed cameras are that intrusive of a concept, automated law enforcement could lead to more invasive procedures, but I hope not.
Buck Harmon May 07, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Too damn many government camera's....a clear sign of the police state that will slowly follow... it is the responsibility of every citizen to always question authority...apathy allows the government to erode privacy at a rate that most don't even notice... Wake up ..invasive procedures occur on a daily basis.
Zoobie May 08, 2012 at 06:38 AM
Under The Bill of Rights to The Constitution, every citizen has the "Right" to be confronted by their accuser. If ticketed, the first recourse would be to request a 'Jury Trial', which would put in place the requirement that our accuser be present at trial. All this would be very costly for the state. Need I say more. As a former Peace Officer, I would strongly suggest that you not speed, at least not on the highway!!!
ddbs00 May 08, 2012 at 11:24 AM
I absolutely do not condone speeding or unsafe driving, and I've never been tagged by a speed camera. I am just against automated enforcement of laws and don't trust the government's stewardship of it. When you start this it never becomes less intrusive and it never goes away. Look how 695 is a web of automated speed enforcement zones now. I'm willing to bet they don't just vanish when the construction workers they're supposedly protecting finish their jobs.
ZIG July 14, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Speeders, Stop sign runners, Those who use cell phones while driving display a callous disregard for their fellow citizens. This is not about liberty. It is about giving the police the help they need in curbing the lawbreakers who often kill and maim. I am disabled and it is dangerous to walk my 2 year old grandaughter across Chartley drive in Reisterstown. Many people stop for us. Many others speed by and put us at risk. How can anybody defend this behaviour in the name of freedom? I am for any actions to stop these animals


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