Gansler Video Slams Brown’s Handling of Health Insurance Exchange

Del. Jolene Ivey, who is running for lieutenant governor, said Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown "did nothing to fix it."

by Adam Bednar

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler, who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor, released a video questioning how one of his rivals, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, has handled the roll out of Maryland’s health insurance exchange.

The video points at a section of Brown’s campaign website that touts his experience implementing the Affordable Care Act in Maryland, but then uses media reports on the technical difficulties that hampered Maryland’s online exchange.

Gansler’s campaign also issued a news release with comments from his running mate Del. Jolene Ivey criticizing Brown’s handling of the insurance exchange.

"He knew there were problems with the roll out, but he did nothing to fix it, didn’t warn the people of Maryland, and didn’t lift a finger. Doug Gansler defended the Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court as Attorney General. He stood up to insurance companies and called on them to stop undermining the Affordable Care Act with misleading letters and as governor, he will take responsibility for ensuring that it is administered well and delivers the healthcare that the people of Maryland have every right to expect,” Ivey said in the release.


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