Police: Suicidal Motorist Kills Reisterstown Woman, Hospitalizes Self in Crash

A 20-year-old Westminster man was hospitalized a crash in Reisterstown Tuesday night that killed a 74-year-old woman.

A Reisterstown woman was killed Tuesday night after a motorist threatening to kill himself crashed into her car on Reisterstown Road in front of Franklin High School.

Martha Tabares, 74, of the 900 block of Shirley Manor Road in Reisterstown, was pronounced dead at the scene. The motorist threatening suicide, 20-year-old Nicholas Frederick Mottley, of the 600 block of Wilmont Road in Westminster, was transported to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries. His condition was unknown Wednesday morning, according to a police press release.

At 8:13 p.m. Tuesday, Baltimore County Police responded to I-795 southbound between Owings Mills Boulevard and I-695. The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office warned police that a man driving a maroon Chevrolet Traverse who was threatening “suicide by cop” was headed to Baltimore County, the release said.

Police found the vehicle in the Walmart parking lot, at 9750 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills. The motorist hit a police vehicle and drove westbound on Reisterstown Road. Police briefly pursued the Traverse until the chase called off by the precinct shift commander the release said.

“It was too fast,” said police spokeswoman Elise Armacost.

There are risks to officers and other motorists in chases, Armacost said. Police never lost track of Mottley, she said.

Minutes after the pursuit was called off, the Traverse crossed the center line on Reisterstown Road in front of Franklin High School, striking an eastbound Toyota Corolla driven by Tabares, the release said.

The Traverse kept moving, hitting a Chrysler Town & Country van and a utility pole, finally coming to rest about 40 feet from the pole, the release said.

The van received minor damage and its driver was not injured, the release said.

The Baltimore County Police’s crash team is investigating the collision involving the three vehicles, and the Franklin Precinct is conducting the investigation involving the Traverse hitting the police vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. Charges against Mottley are pending those investigations, police said.

Gina Roberts March 01, 2013 at 11:08 PM
Your comment is a slap in the face to the family and friends of Martha, you will have to excuse all of us that loved her if we are just too bitter right now to see what a "great person" you thought he was. The fact is that his actions were thoughtless and selfish, he did hurt an entire family, he stole a mother, a grandmother from a very loving family, someone who loved her family with all of her heart because they were the very heart of her.
Celia (Hummel) Peters March 02, 2013 at 05:03 PM
Marta used to come over to our house often when I was younger and would help my mother with anything and everything that needed to be done. She was a very kind-hearted soul. I would see her around town from time to time and she would always smile and ask how my mother was doing. Her untimely death is such a tragedy. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to her entire family. Rest in Peace Marta. God Bless.
legal beagle March 04, 2013 at 03:51 AM
All are suffering on boths ides
legal beagle March 04, 2013 at 03:56 AM
No one knows what was going on behind closed doors and why this young man ended the day like this both family's are hurting and god will be the judge for all evolved have been on the side of loosing a person due to the wrong person being let out of jail and cause two young ones to end there life's early but blame was on many not just the one who did the horrible act hoping for both family's to heal
Brenda Sanner Williams March 04, 2013 at 06:33 PM
This man was driving on suspended license.....not only does he have no respect for the law but he has no regards for killing another person.I pray that he lives so he can spend the rest of his life in prison.....although this won't bring back a woman who was a loving mother,grandmother and friend.She also had a very giving spirit......it may torment him and haunt him just as her death has tormented her family. As the bible says, 'an eye for an eye'.God is Good and justice will prevail. My heart goes out to Nick's family as well,they too have a heavy burden to bear.He is their son and I'm sure they are hurting too.....I don't know their situation,but I am a parent and know how I would feel if I were in their shoes.


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