Student on College Orientation Visit to Baltimore Gets Knockout Punch

The victim, who came from Texas, reportedly said hotel staff did not think it was unusual.

Kids on bikes attacked a man in north Baltimore in April. On June 20, a group of youths on bikes also attacked a man outside a hotel downtown. (Credit: Michael Bowman)
Kids on bikes attacked a man in north Baltimore in April. On June 20, a group of youths on bikes also attacked a man outside a hotel downtown. (Credit: Michael Bowman)
A Texas man in Baltimore for his college orientation was reportedly the target over the weekend of the "knockout game," a phenomenon in which a group of individuals tries to take someone down with one punch, sometimes on video.

"Evidently, this is normal," Sean Delamar told Fox 45, referencing the group of youths on bikes who punched him in the head outside the Baltimore Harbor Hotel, where he was staying. He told the TV station that the valet staff seemed unfazed by what happened and didn't acknowledge it until he mentioned the punch.

This was not the first instance of violence like this in the area.

A group of youths on bikes in April threw a bottle at a bicyclist on Guilford Avenue in the Greenmount area, then tried to punch him out, according to City Paper.

In January, six teens were taken into custody in connection with injuring a Lansdowne woman who was knocked out on the light rail on her way to the Patapsco Light Rail Station, WBAL reported.

Over the winter, ABC 2 News also reported on cases of the knockout game in the area, including one on Lombard Street in December 2012 that caused a traumatic brain injury to a man who was not able to work as a result.

Two individuals were charged in that case, ABC 2 reported. Terance Green, 20, of the 2200 block of Cedley Street in Baltimore, was sentenced to 12 years in jail for first-degree assault. Dominic Wardrick, 20, of the 1100 block of Pratt Street in Baltimore, was sentenced to 10 years for first-degree assault.

Despite the violence he experienced on Friday night at the Baltimore Harbor Hotel, Delmar said he was still looking forward to his college experience. "It should be an adventure," Delamar told Fox 45.

Kevin Francis Marron June 23, 2014 at 02:27 PM
These are crimes that are getting out of hand,yet he can't keep a teacher.Administration of Intimidation runs TV ad Kamenetz kept promises.Really?Crime down but your leaving out car thefts, because they are up,hate crimes don't count,crimes at city line started in county aren't counted & how about rapes? You didn't even take reports on half of them.It is time to end an administration so arrogant they run picture of Kamenetz & same teachers clip from2010 except Sun endorsement not there.Keeping school enrollment down,count teachers leaving Highest retirees in state,Home Schooling almost doubling in county and how about SURGE in Private School enrollment one of largest ever , Gilman proud of thier best recruiter Kamenetz. Air conditioned classrooms without experienced teachers wasn't what we had in mind Kamenetz! The Administration of MY job to Talk Your job to listen needs to learn.The County Executive is an employee of voters Not developers. Developers the Finacial experts who agree on Baltimore County fiscal policy,David Brown,Caves Valley Partners & Vanguard have the best County executive advertisement money can buy! Vote"The Other Kevin" Kevin Francis Marron For Democrat County Executive ,The County you save may be your own!!!!! AnOtherKevinF.MarronForBaltoCo.KTNMarrontreas.
Michael McAdam June 23, 2014 at 10:14 PM
Baltimore is sooo ghetto! Glad I live in the suburbs
david divad July 04, 2014 at 05:17 PM
Unfortunately????? omg, I can't wait til one of these "kids" "playing" this "game" is shot and killed.
elaine whitmore July 05, 2014 at 05:20 PM
Love how a HUGE fact is missing. The knockout gane is played by blacks AGAINST WHITES, or Asians. It is always a racial hate-crime. Stop making reports like they are random crimes. Follow Colin Flaherity's book (name spelled correctly?)...you'll know the truth! These "kids' have karma coming their way for "playing' this "game." What low self esteem and self-worth these racist kids have. They will get the wrong person one day, oh I cannot wait!


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