Settlement Granted In Pro-Life Suit Against State Police

Governor O'Malley and Maryland Board of Public Works grant $385,000 out-of-court settlement to Pro-Life protestors in connection with illegal arrests in 2008.

The Maryland Board of Public Works, on which Gov. O'Malley serves, has offered an out-of-court settlement in pro-life protesters' lawsuit against Maryland State Police.

The board approved a $385,000 settlement with Defend Life, a grassroots, all-volunteer pro-life activist organization, according to the board of public works agenda and summary. The settlement will be funded through State Insurance Trust Fund.

The following is posted under the agenda item for the public works board:

The above referenced case arises from the arrest of 17 anti-abortion protesters on August 1, 2008 in Bel Air, Maryland by MDSP Troopers. The protestors were arrested, processed and spent a night in the Harford County Detention Center.

The Office of the Attorney General has determined that the Troopers were neither grossly negligent nor malicious in the performance of their duties and this request otherwise accords with §12-405 of the State Government Article, Maryland Code.

Maryland State Police were the only remaining defendents in the law suit.

officers were cleared of wrongdoing in July 2011.

Harford County settled with the anti-abortion group in March for an undisclosed amount. The county also agreed to adopt a new policy “regulating the handling of peaceful protesters," according to a Defend Life spokesman.

Rachel Elizabeth March 12, 2012 at 07:56 PM
First off, who the hell cares what Obama said. This isn't the Obama forum.. Secondly, I never said birth control doesn't work. It works like a charm for me & claims to be 99% effective (when taken correctly). However, a lot of times it DOES NOT work. I know so many women who had children they were not expecting. Accidents happen, condoms DO break, many women who were on the Depo shot had it fail, and people don't realize birth control needs to be taken the same time everyday and just missing 1 day can put you at a high risk of getting pregnant.
Beth August 01, 2012 at 02:50 PM
So basically your reasoning is: It's okay to kill a human being if, by their death, you circumvent personal financial loss. Wow. Also, you might want to do a little thing commonly referred to as "research" before making further claims. For instance, take the fact that our tax money DOES go to feed and provide for unwanted children. It's called foster care. By your reasoning, we should kill all the children in foster care, since they're such an unwanted financial burden. Also, insinuating that abortion is justified because it decreases the amount of unwanted/abused children is wrong. Child abuse INCREASED over 1,000% from 1973 (the year abortion was legalized) to 1986. Legalized abortion CHEAPENS the value of children. The amount of children given up for adoption has also steadily increased since legalized abortion. And trying to argue that an aborted child is spared abuse is also a fallacious claim. It has been scientifically PROVEN that at approximately nine weeks, a child in the womb is able to feel pain. Since abortive procedures employ the use of acid and ripping the limbs off, it's safe to assume that many aborted children die terrified and in agony. I'd call that abuse. If you're going to advocate for murdering humans, you may want to find better arguments. (And spare me the "not a human being" excuse unless you're willing to come up with a scientifically viable alternative method of determining species other than genetic means.)
Beth August 01, 2012 at 03:09 PM
I'm still waiting to hear about how you rationalize killing a human child in the womb, but not a child in foster care. Until we hear back about that: Yes, Franking is correct. Nearly 50% of woman polled say they had an abortion simply because they didn't want to use birth control. Maybe instead of questioning his sourcing, you should question YOURS. Try the National Center for Health Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Center of Child Abuse and Neglect, for starters.
Beth August 01, 2012 at 04:13 PM
I'm finding it difficult to comprehend the depths of your inaccuracy. The US Department of Health & Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control, and various other organizations have stated that a child in the womb has measurable brain waves at approximately 6 WEEKS, and that they develop nerves and are capable of feeling pain as early as 7 WEEKS. Also, you're insinuating that if something can be genetically proven to be a living member of the human species but has temporary lack of brain activity, it is acceptable to kill it. (I distinguish it as "temporary" because baring developmental problems/natural terminations, brain activity develops in a matter of weeks.) I'm assuming then that you also find it acceptable to murder concussion, epilepsy, and stroke victims (all of these conditions result in temporary lack of brain activity), as well as various mentally ill individuals. Also, why does a human only have human rights if/when it can live on its own? I have a 19-month-old daughter. If she were required to survive on her own I'm certain she wouldn't be able to. So by your reasoning, we should also be able to kill toddlers. And then there are children and adults who have medical conditions/mental illnesses which require continued outside assistance to live. So you believe in killing them too, right?
Beth August 01, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Furthermore, your claim that many children are aborted because of "health problems" is also inaccurate. Only 6% of abortions occur because of potential health problems regarding either the mother or child. "Then 2 lives are destroyed." Legalizing abortion was not responsible for reducing incidences of abortion-related death. The majority of deaths occurred due to post-abortive complications such as infection. According to the USDHHS and CDC, The reduction in abortion-related deaths correlated not with the legalization of abortion, but with the discovery of antibiotics in the early 1940's. "A large percentage of abortions are married couple..." Wrong again. 83% of the women getting abortions are unmarried. Statistically speaking, married women are the LEAST likely to opt for abortion.


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