Forbush School Student Charged After Joke About Gun

A 15-year-old was charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing school activities after saying he had a gun at the Forbush School at Glyndon. The students did not have a gun.

Police charged a 15-year-old with disturbing school activities and disorderly conduct after he said he had a gun Wednesday at the . The student did not have a gun.

“He said he had a gun, but he didn’t,” said Lt. Stephen Doarnberger, assistant commander of the .

The Forbush School is a Sheppard Pratt school in Reisterstown for adolescents through 12th graders with emotional and behavioral disabilities and autism.

The student was in a “time-out” room and said he had a weapon.

“He quickly clarified that he was joking about having the gun,” a Baltimore County Police news release said.

Police responded to the school, found that the student did not have a gun, and took him into custody, the release said.

Jeff F September 14, 2012 at 12:09 AM
What the hell is this country becoming,we're becoming scared of our own shadow,a mentally handicapped kid(to be politically correct)says he has a gun and everybody freaks.If this(once)great conutry was like it is now back during WWII,we'd all be speaking German or Japanese,it's pathetic.I'm not a bible thumper,but you take God out of schools,the pledge of allegiance,etc...and this what you get.It's only gonna get worse,why are the schools worried about offending muslims by saying a prayer before a football game for the safety of the kids playing we're a Christian country,if the muslims here don't like it,get the hell out!Or saying the pledge like we did back in my day?
Jeff F September 14, 2012 at 12:33 AM
I know I went off the subject of the article,but the point I was trying to make is the schools and the stupid government took God out of everything for fear of offending people(muslims/atheists),well you know what,they're in the minority,and screw both of them.GOD bless America,In GOD we trust,and I'm sure I'll get all kinds of comments about this,that's fine,but if you talk sh*t and don't keep it civil,be man enough and leave me your # and we can talk in person!


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