Baltimore County FOP President Under Investigation

Sedan service driver has accused Cole Weston of hitting and pulling a gun on him.

Cole Weston, the president of the , is the subject of an internal investigation after a sedan service driver said the union leader assaulted him and pulled a gun out during the alleged altercation.

Police spokesman Lt. Robert McCullough said Weston, who has not been charged with a crime, has not been suspended pending an investigation by the department's internal affairs division and a review by the county state's attorney.

The alleged incident occurred after Weston arrived at his home in the 100 block of Ford Court in Parkville just before midnight on March 23, McCullough said.

It was then that Weston saw a car that was parked but running. A second man approached the car with money in his hand, McCullough said.

"Sgt. Weston said he became suspicious and approached the car but the two men didn't want to talk to him," McCullough said, adding that Weston and the driver became engaged in some sort of disagreement.

"At some point, Weston feels threatened and pulls his weapon and places it down at his side," McCullough said, adding that everyone interviewed "agrees about this."

The passenger, identified as Sean Manigault, ran off. Weston allegedly "pushes or hits (the driver) with his hand," McCullough said.

Manigault told WBAL TV, which first reported the story, that Weston also pointed the handgun at the driver, who police have identified as Hosseim Taranpisheh.

McCullough said Weston was armed but it is not known if the weapon was his police issued gun.

A medic was called to the scene to treat Taranpisheh. McCullough said there were no visible marks on the driver, who ultimately declined treatment.

Weston, a sergeant, joined the force in 1984.

Weston, because of his role as president of the union representing county police officers, is considered part of the department's administrative staff.

Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger's office is reviewing the case. McCullough said the case will likely be turned over to another jurisdiction for review because Weston's union donates money to political candidates, including Shellenberger.

Robert Armstrong March 28, 2011 at 02:19 AM
Tony, Why are you justifying a cop (who knows better )being drunk and brandishing his pistol at his neighbors and assaulting a cab driver?
Tony Solesky March 28, 2011 at 02:24 AM
I am not it justifying at all I am asking how is the reverse justified? I am saying that justice should swing both way and it surelly will in this case becasue the investigation will as Buzz said be thorough. I am saying if the reverse was true for career criminals they wouldn't have crime as a career? So in a world where we have the choose the lesser of two evils I would choose the cop. In the ideal world I would choose equal justice. You must agree at least it is not an ideal world.
Tony Solesky March 28, 2011 at 02:27 AM
I believe Cole will be served true and maybe even deserved justice at some point. The injustice is why he will be served it?
Buzz Beeler March 28, 2011 at 03:05 AM
Tony, this whole mess is the result of one issue. If it only came down to a "he said, she said"case, then there could be some doubt on the creditability of the victims. As often in cases, especially ones that involve informants, there are always creditability issues. Those factors are decided by a judge or a jury. The key to this whole issue is not the alleged two suspicious subjects, although their story can be challenged, its how Cole responded upon the arrival of the uniformed cops. Their observations are crucial in that this is the catalyst of the entire event. I'm quite sure the report describes the condition of all three persons involved. The minute you introduce alcohol into the mixture the scrutiny is now focused on Cole and his subsequent actions. The 911 tapes will also be an important part of this case. At some point a person must take responsibility for their actions. The department cannot allow any situation that involves a a controversy such as this. Given all we know about how alcohol can impair one ones ability to make decisions, the sad part is that we all possess the power within to address theses demons, and if they are not dealt with, there are consequences.
Tony Solesky March 28, 2011 at 11:13 AM
Buzz as I said before I think you have hit it dead on. They will be thorough and I believe as a result you will see proper application of the fundementals that are missing when they deal with career criminals. My point this is established in the issue for me it goes to the philosophical. I am not one who subcribes to anyone ,Police or Firefighters anyone at all being held to a higher standard then society in general. That in my view is what sets up these failures. The implementing policies that will likely have a higher failure rate when the fabric of society is not held to the same standard. In trying to preserve this as viable we don't see a resolution to the promblem jsut a sacrificail lamb in a incident. I am speaking in general i don't think it was to much to ask someone to have called for a uniform car in the first place I just think that somewhere in the back of his head in the ultimate Irony this cop in a state of mind enhanced by drinking saw the same futility that the average citizen feels.


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