Bare Feet Shoes Robbed at Gunpoint

Two armed men stole money and receipts from Bare Feet Shoes in Owings Mills. This incident, the sixth commercial armed robbery in about a month, does not appear to be connected to the others, police said.

Two men stole cash and receipts from Bare Feet Shoes in Owings Mills after holding up two employees at gunpoint Tuesday.

The two suspects, one brandishing a black handgun, took two employees to the manager's office at gunpoint at 12:38 p.m. Sept. 4, according to a police report. One suspect took a manila folder containing cash and receipts. The employees were told to get on the floor and the suspects left through the store's front entrance, according to police.

It is the in Owings Mills and Reisterstown since August 8, but police don’t believe it to be connected with the other incidents.

“We have two suspects here who entered the store, which makes it unlike the others,” said Lt. Stephen Doarnberger, assistant commander of the . “The time of day was different and the suspect descriptions.”

The other incidents occurred at night, and police believe the others only involved one suspect.

The in the recent trend occurred on Wednesday, Aug. 8, when an armed man held up the in Reisterstown. The in Owings Mills, , in Owings Mills and in Owings Mills were also robbed at gunpoint in August. The may or may not be connected with the others, as there was a difference in the suspect descriptions.

“It is a high number for us in a short time period, so we’ve been trying a couple of things,” Doarnberger said. “We don’t want to be specific, [but] we have been devoting resources to the trend.”


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