Preparing ... Or Not For Hurricane Sandy

Anna asks around at local supermarkets to see what the crowds are like.

The “Frankenstorm” known as Hurricane Sandy is forecast to hit near the Maryland coast and impact the Baltimore area.

Will it be devastating? Will we lose power for up to a week or more? Will residents fare well in the wake of the storm? Are residents ignoring the warnings with the hope the storm will pass to the north?

Expecting to see the grocery stores overflowing with customers, I decided to check out the frenzy! I was surprised to find very few customers at the Food Lion on Hyde Park Road. I was told I had missed the rush, but there were only two check-out lines open—so no big rush there.

Unfortunately, the manager and his assistant said they could not discuss their storm preparations with me. As I left the parking lot, I did notice the long line of cars and trucks going through the drive-through at the Dunkin' Donuts!
A visit to Middle River found lots of residents shopping, at Walmart in the Carroll Island Shopping Center and at Geresbeck's, but that isn't unusual for a Saturday morning.

In talking with a few customers at these stores and the Mars on Eastern Avenue, the ladies agreed they were doing their regular trip to the store but did stock up on a few extras. Two said they bought extra cereal and milk to insure theirkids had plenty if the electric went out.

A trip to Middlesex Shopping Center found lots of folks shopping. Dollar Tree was already sold out of C and D batteries and their phone was ringing off the hook. However, the only long line I found at Middlesex was the line snaking out of the Motor Vehicles Administration.

On the way home, I took notice of how crowded all the gas stations were. Obviously, some folks realized you won't get gasoline if the electric is off and the pumps don't work. A couple of ATMs also appeared to be doing a brisk business for the same reason.

So are residents seriously NOT concerned about the impending storm? Were they waiting until later today to shop or did they all hit the stores Friday evening? Will Sandy truly out-devastate Isabel and Irene? Will she leave death and devastation in her wake as she did in the Carribean? Only time will tell, but hey folks... let's get prepared just in case.

Boat-wise, some people were pulling their boats from the water. As one guy said, he didn't want his “baby sitting on top of the pier again!” Others were looking for protective coves to anchor theirboats saying they'd rather have the boat rocking in the water than overturning in their yard. Whichdecision is the correct move in this situation?

What else should you consider? What other details need to be taken care of... garbage cans and lawn furniture stashed in the shed or garage? What else?

Do you need to get medications refilled? Do you have cash on hand since credit/debit card transactions will not be possible? Are your pets safe? Do youhave a generator and gas for it? Do you need to refill your grill's propane tank? Do you want to grab a bag of charcoal? Have you made extra ice, some in blocks to make that refrigerator into an old-fashioned icebox?

Be prepared! Stay safe!


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