Comment: 'What is so wrong ... that they need to go on a robbing spree?'

Check out the latest reader comments from the week’s Baltimore County news.

Readers took to the Baltimore County Patch sites this week, taking a special interest in stories about a new Western Baltimore County bike plan as well as the Patch coverage involving the .  

"Another person with political ties who commits a crime and gets no jail time. Let them find a pot seed on someone and they get the book thrown at them." -  rick j

“He got the quote from the song N***** in Paris from Jay-Z and Kanye so he has no room to talk. All he did was add 'University' to the end of it and tried to coin it as his own. He needs to get over it.”-Gina

: “So basically I can not walk or run around Reisterstown without the slight possibility of getting robbed, which is unfortunate because in the past I did enjoy walking through the residential community and to Giant or Captain Harvey's. If these punks are ever caught, I honestly hope they are locked up and do some time. What is so wrong in their life that they need to go on a robbing spree?"-Missy Thorseth

: "It is encouraging to our neighborhood here in Halethorpe to see that the County recognized a walkability problem within its bounds, and has moved toward a plan to improve it. Being a community developed over a century ago, sidewalks were not originally included, and were not recognized as deficient until the onslaught of vehicle traffic inundating the narrow streets." -Halethorpe Improvement Association


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