Comment: 'Time For Yuppies To Buy Shotguns'

Baltimore-area Patch readers speak their minds.

This week, Patch readers took to the comment streams to chime in on local politics, neighborhood crime and the proposed White Student Union at Towson University.

Here's some of what your neighbors are saying:

Perry Hall:
"So happy for Daniel! It's a miracle - total physical recovery from such an ordeal. Looks like mentally he's healing quite well too. Got to love this courageous kid" — Karan Abbasi said on Daniel Borowy to Model As Part of Anti-Bullying Campaign

North Baltimore:
"It's time for yuppies to buy shotguns and big nasty looking dogs..." — Baltimore Matt on Police: 1 Man Responsible for Villages of Homeland Robberies

"Very unfortunate. I am certain this does not reflect the views of our town." — Amy Menzer on 

Essex-Middle River:
"The taxpayers should not have to foot the expenses for this. Do like the Governor wants to do with the highway costs; let the people who use the roads pay the costs so let the people who use the airports pay the costs. This is part of sequestration so don't make it a taxpayers burden." — William Bittner on 5 Airports Including Martin State Seek Maryland Funding

North Baltimore:
Sounds like a candidate to be the next President of the White Student Union." — Steve on  

North Baltimore:
"Seriously? Fat Pat, Two Ton Tony and "Captain" Dwyer are lawyers? How is Nancy Jacob's Giraffe House coming along?" — Steve on Maryland Senate Passes Gun Control Bill

Havre de Grace:
""Quality" voter turnout or "Quantity" voter turn out? You must be pushing for quantity voter turnout because we have had quality voter turnout for quit sometime now. The quality voter turnout has kept the right people in and the wrong people out....and has removed the ones from time to time that are not effective. The voters in HdG, large turn out or small turn out, are smart and they know who they are voting for." — Amir Hakeem on Owner of Concord Point Property Speaks Out

"I'm a black woman and a Towson University graduate. I have no issue with Matt's decision to form a white student union. If he feels that the needs of white students are unmet at Towson, a predominately white University, who am I to try and change his mind. My issue with the group is their decision to do night patrols. If Matt and other students feel unsafe, due to crime on campus, it's the university's responsibility to investigate and make necessary changes. We need to hold them accountable. I think it's nonsensical to have a student group attempt to police other students. The students are on campus to learn, form relationships and have a little fun. Students policing students will likely cause more harm than good, especially when racial profiling considerations come into play. Giving campus police tips is one thing, but if Matt's group plans to approach students, that's unsafe for both the group members and the persons who they may approach. I can honestly say that during my four years at Towson, the community, as a whole, embraced me. Many of the professors and faculty members, including deans, were some of my greatest resources. It'd be great if Patch could get an interview with the university president to find out her issues with the group, if any, and the true purpose of this rally. We can't deny Matt and the WSU freedom of speech. But Matt's voice should not be the only one we hear. Ms. Loeschke, if you're reading, you haven't said enough." — SMB on 

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