PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Check out photos from around town of damage and downed trees from Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy didn't hit Reisterstown and Owings Mills too badly, but it take several trees down, and took out many residents' power in the process.

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Amy Switzer November 02, 2012 at 01:06 AM
It is amazing to me that with 6 traffic cones from one side of the road to the other the amount of ignorant people that continued to drive around and or through the cones putting everyone's lives at risk. People who drive on Nicodemus Road act as if they own the road and are driving an Indy car. It's like this I live on this road and I don't appreciate those individuals who speed past my house. One person actually drove past the cones and turned into my driveway got hooked on the lines that lead to my house which ripped the lines from my house. Thank you jackwagon! Wait then there is the one who drives a blue chevy or dodge truck actually stopped and threw the cones onto the side of the road while BGE/Intren are still working to restore power. Let me say again IGNORANT! Total disregard for people's lives.


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