Maryland State Trooper, Former U.S. Marine Remembered (VIDEO)

Trooper First Class Shaft Hunter, 39, was killed while on duty.

Friends and colleagues describe Trooper First Class Shaft Hunter of the Maryland State Police as high-energy, funny and a true professional. His mother called him her action hero.

It's probably fitting, then, that  was held at the start of Memorial Day weekend, as the country commemorates fallen servicemen and women.

Hunter, who died in a May 21 car accident on Interstate 95 in Howard County while on duty, had served in the United States Marine Corps for six years. He left the Marines in 2000 at the rank of captain.

"He was a hero," Maryland State Police superintendent Terrence B. Sheridan said. "He was a man of action."

Hunter entered the state police academy after leaving the Marines, Sheridan said, because he wanted to continue to serve.

"He loved being a Maryland State Trooper," Sheridan said.

Hunter, like others who are remembered on Memorial Day, gave his life in service to his state and his country. Who are you remembering this weekend? Tell us their story in the comments.


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