Community OKs BGE Substation Plans

BGE officials updated community members on their plan to build a new $100 million substation in Reisterstown, and local advocates have no complaints.

A new to be built in Reisterstown should cause minimal disruption in the community, according to BGE officials and community advocates.

“I don’t see any real problems with it,” said Gary Lenz, treasurer of the Glyndon Community Association. “They’ve certainly been open with us.”

BGE is planning to build a substation northwest of the Route 30/Butler Road intersection, across the power lines from the Glyndon Gardens. At a community input meeting Wednesday night at the , BGE officials updated the community on plans for the station, which officials said costs about $100 million.

The substation will be graded on-site, so BGE will not have to truck dirt to the site, and heavy equipment will be brought in during off-hours, BGE officials said. The substation will have a footprint of about 25 acres, and will sit on a 180-acre property that will mostly be hidden by trees, according to Zacharia Fisch of engineering firm FSH Associates.

The substation will serve as an off-ramp for high voltage electricity for all of BGE’s coverage area, not just the area surrounding the station. The need for the station was identified by PJM, the company that operates the regional power grid, which has anticipated an increased demand for electricity by 2015 that the area's current infrastructure will not meet, BGE said.

Construction and grading will start in January 2014, and construction will be completed by mid-2017, according to Eric Jacobson, BGE senior project manager. The station needs to be operational by June, BGE officials told Patch in February.

The station will consist of a 500 and 230-kilovolt system, and will have equipment similar to that at the Northwest Substation on Cockeys Mill Road, Jacobson said.

BGE expected to close deals on the four properties it needed to acquire in the next few days, Jacobson said. sits on one of the parcels BGE needs for the substation, and will have until June 2013 to move. Some residential buildings on the property of Spring Lake Farm will also be vacated and demolished.

The project will be in the design phase for about another year-and-a-half as officials gather input, at which point they will present final plans to county officials and the community.

Zoobie April 28, 2012 at 06:37 AM
Five years to build a 'sub-station'? Things sure have changed since my days at BG&E Outside Construction . Where are 'my' vets being relocated to? Will this mean our power won't go out with every tropical storm that goes by after '2017'? Oh, never mind, I probably won't be around by then!!!


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