Comment: The Lottery Is ‘A Tax on the Stupid’

Baltimore County readers weighed in on the top stories of the week.


Readers took their opinions to Baltimore County sites this week, commenting most on stories about a plea deal expected for the how the will bring jobs to Owings Mills and more.

: "Why would the feds give her any type of plea bargain? She is a violent criminal. She must have friends in high places!" – Terry

I don't play the lottery. It's effectively a tax on the stupid. Just like any other form of gambling, the odds favor the house.” - Jeff Martens

: "Residential building has not slowed down in Owings Mills. So as long as more people keep moving here, I don't see why the area wouldn't be able to support more businesses. Look how much retail is in White Marsh, Columbia, Towson and Hunt Valley. It would be nice to finally enjoy more shopping opportunities in Owings Mills instead of having to travel to one of those other areas like we have to now. Please let's get a Michael's craft store and a Lowe's!" - Lily P. Pond

“Wow! We do have some really great restaurants in Catonsville. I've been to all but two of the ones listed-and like them all. However, when I read the question, I thought of Taneytown before even seeing the list. They get my vote. The portions are generous, the staff is friendly and quick. Great breakfast and lunch options with a large sandwich menu. They also accept phone and fax orders, so your order is ready when you get there. Win/Win!” - Sheila Wheltle


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