Cop Offers His Opinion On Corruption In Fed's ADA Investigation of Baltimore County

In Blake's opinion it is a corrupt practice.

I started writing about this issue years ago and was criticized by many who felt that I either lied or misrepresented the truth.  Read this letter as published by the FOP (permission received by FOP) on what the opinion is of someone who went through it.

There are others waiting their turn for justice.

The public is invited to visit the FOP's website at - FOPlodge4.org. and read other Baltimore County news items pertaining to this and other issues.


The Fourword

Volume 41, Number 1 January 2013

As a Police Officer, you represent a living barrier of law and order that keeps good people from being harmed by wrong-doers. In upholding that duty, you experience a certain level of victim ization.  "It's part of the job," they tell you. You learn that when a bad guy attacks you, it's not personal... , it's professional, because doing your job puts you in opposition of the criminal. Over the last six years I've experienced something more insidious than any criminal's intent I've encountered in twenty-five years as a Police Officer in Baltimore County. The operation of government as a personal tool to punish, marginalize and even terminate its own employees because they dared stand up for what was right, in my opinion is a corrupt practice. The reasoning behind it was obvious to me ... unethical practices to save a dollar. This just isn't my words, the courts and the DO] have seen this too, and found the County government utilized illegal practices against its employees. The fact of the matter is that it cost them more than a million dollars in awards, settlements, and fees. But, they don't pay it from their pocket. Instead, the repercussions of their actions have been passed on to the taxpayers of
Baltimore County to shoulder. All along, the people making the decisions can hide within the anonymity of the term "government." It is up to the taxpayers and voters to make a stand, and call accountability to the elected and appointed officials who chose this pattern of fiscal irresponsibility.

In all, I am grateful to the FOP and Attorney Kathleen Cahill for their incredible efforts in helping, not only myself, but the other affected County employees, endure this long and tenuous fight. In truth, the finality of this endeavor serves as a testament to will and integrity, and is a monumental decision that will protect all County employees moving forward. The findings of the courts are the first step in restoring pride, honor and truth to all the employees of Baltimore County, and calling accountability to County government. In the finality of this victory, and of its many victories along the way, I am proud to see justice served, I am proud to have worked alongside such dedicated and deserving professionals, and I am proud of what we accomplished.

-WP Blake

$225,850.67 - Awarded Distress Damages, August 2011

$ 19,132.49 - Awarded Court Costs, October 2011

$499,075.95 - Awarded Attorney Feels

$744,059.11- Total Costs

$475,000.00 - U.S. Dept. of JUstice Consent Decree, August 2012

$1,219,059.11 - U.S. Dept. of Justice Consent Decree August 2012
Grand Total


(Note, this is for just one case)


All I heard was how much money Mr. Homan was saving the county.  Well!















































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Al Day February 10, 2013 at 05:50 PM
I see the 'bent' here and do not have enough facts to react. But it looks like it bears looking into. We do depend on our honest police to defend us from mayhem. And they should be treated with some respect for their efforts.
John L. February 11, 2013 at 01:33 AM
The County Government has lost much more in the loss of recent cases in the courts besides this one. It just goes on and on...they just keep making very bad decisions and the employees are fed up with it...Where is the hue & cry from the citizens of the County? Pay attention folks, there is more to come..........
Buzz Beeler February 11, 2013 at 02:24 AM
John and Al Day, the sad part is the lives it impacts. I know of two separate cases where a veteran officer was struck by d DUI driver while investigating a DUI crash. He almost lost his leg and despite his time on he job and nearing retirement he was forced out. Another case involved a young officer who broke his back while chasing a suspect. He had a wife and children with little time on the job and he to was forced out. I think there are at least 14 pending cases. I wonder if Homan had to undergo a physical after his unfortunate accident before he returned to work. They do what they want as we are seeing in the FOP's suit in attempting to stop the county's borrowing $21 million from it.
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