The Crisis Cliff is the Premier Crisis Management Event of 2014

Save $30 on early bird tickets through April 7th.
Save $30 on early bird tickets through April 7th.

May 8, 2014 - 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Mt. Washington Conference Center – Baltimore, Maryland

Mobilize your corporate leadership team on May 8 for a powerful crisis management and communications presentation at the Mt. Washington Conference Center in Baltimore. The Crisis Cliff, a riveting half-day presentation by nationally acclaimed experts will provide business and organization leaders with the necessary tactical skills for building, strengthening and defending their reputations during critical times of need.

I95 BUSINESS presents its first Business Leadership Series, The Crisis Cliff, with presentations from seasoned crisis leadership expert and strategist, Rob Weinhold of the Fallston Group, and award-winning television journalist and media management expert, Marianne Banister. Keynote speaker, Ed Norris, a former law enforcement professional and current host of WJZ-FM 105.7 The Fan, will speak from his personal and professional crisis-related experiences. The event is designed to present leaders with the concepts to understand what risk is, how to plan for the unexpected, and the importance of communication, response and resilient leadership.

“This is an exciting opportunity for leaders who want to sharpen their crisis management and communication skills and strategies,” said Principal of the Fallston Group, Rob Weinhold. “The Crisis Cliff event will be an innovative platform for executives to begin crafting an effective crisis strategy, which will help to build and defend their reputations over time. Attendees will learn how to turn adversity into advantage.”

“Having personally dealt with a crisis in the legal and public courts of opinion, I can attest to the importance of protecting one’s reputation and the necessity for proactive and reactive crisis planning and strategies,” said Baltimore radio personality, Ed Norris. “With reputation being the number one concern of executives today, The Crisis Cliff is a must attend event for corporate executives and marketing communication professionals across all industries.”

The event will take place Thursday, May 8, 2014 at the Mt. Washington Conference Center in Baltimore. A limited amount of early bird tickets are available for $155 through April 7. Single tickets will increase to $185 starting April 8, with adjusted rates for nonprofits and groups of five or more. Sponsorship packages that include various marketing and networking benefits are still available.

“In a crisis, you and your company will be remembered one of two ways: how well the crisis was handled or how badly you dropped the ball. There are no do-overs in crisis communication,” said media management expert, Marianne Banister. “How you deliver your message is as important as the message itself. It’s essential for every organization to have a well-crafted, strategic plan and know how to put it into action.”

For additional information regarding the event, contact Josie Hankey at 410-420-2001 or by email at Josie.Hankey@FallstonGroup.com. To secure an exclusive sponsorship, contact Vicki Franz at 410-584-9960 or by email at info@i95business.com.

When your company is faced with adversity or crisis, people respond. Who will speak for you? Are they prepared? They should be. To register for The Crisis Cliff visit http://crisis-cliff.eventbrite.com.

Thursday, May 8, 2014
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Mt. Washington Conference Center
5801 Smith Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209 

Rob Weinhold, Fallston Group
Marianne Banister, Banister Media
Ed Norris, WJZ-FM 105.7 The Fan

Vicki Franz, I95 BUSINESS

About Fallston Group
The Fallston Group is one of the nation’s most progressive reputation management firms with specialized focus in strategic communications and media, crisis and issue management, leadership and training, and safety and security. Through trust, integrity, creativity, servitude and competence, the Fallston Group team provides a blend of both executive and operational services to help leaders prepare for, navigate through, and recover from issues of adversity and crisis. Many chief executives refer to the Fallston Group as their “Chief Reputation Officer.”

About Banister Media
As the President of Banister Media, award-winning journalist Marianne Banister has been covering news and newsmakers for nearly 30 years. From Los Angeles to Baltimore, she has reported and anchored national stories such as the L.A. Riots, O.J. Simpson trial and presidential campaigns. Marianne has a unique perspective from inside the newsroom and knows firsthand how the power of the presentation, message and image can help you build and protect your brand for corporate success.

I95 BUSINESS is an online and print business to business publication profiling successful businesses and the people who run them. Stories communicate useful advice and ideas. It starts with words, building a readership community through well-written and well-designed content, and connecting words through social media. Words Matter.


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