Referendum Challenge Thrown Out, Foundry Row Moves 'Full Steam Ahead'

The Foundry Row development remains controversial.

Foundry Row site plans.
Foundry Row site plans.
A Baltimore County Judge agreed with the Baltimore County Board of Elections February decision when he rejected a referendum challenge to a zoning decision that allowed for the development of Foundry Row in Owings Mills, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.

The judge said the petitions did not include the proper zoning  maps. 

Some residents have been fighting the development of Foundry Row for nearly two years, citing traffic and retail saturation as potential problems.

In a statement, Greenberg Gibbons Commercial Corp. CEO Brian Gibbons said that the shopping center's development remains "on schedule and moving full steam ahead," according to the Baltimore Business Journal. 

The $140 million development project will be home for a new Wegmans among Foundry Row's 365,000 square feet of retail space.

Demolition of the Solo Cup plant is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, and detailed engineering and architectural plans are scheduled to be submitted in early 2014 – the next required approvals in the process. Construction could begin as early as next summer. 

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