Owings Mills Development Roundup

An overview of all the latest Owings Mills development news.

With three major development projects on the books for Owings Mills, it sometimes gets hard to keep track of all the moving parts. To keep you up to date, Patch has summed up the latest news in Owings Mills development.


Developers: Greenberg Gibbons and Vanguard Commercial Property Development

Plan: To invest $140 million in the 52-acre property to make way for a 130,000 square foot Wegmans, approximately 243,000 square feet of other retail, 13,500 square feet of restaurants and 40,000 square feet of office space. The developer hopes to locate a national fitness anchor and national sporting good store at the site.

Status: The project needs to be rezoned for retail, a change the Baltimore County Council will vote on in the fall. If the zoning doesn’t change, the property will remain zoned for manufacturing. Greenberg Gibbons CEO Brian Gibbons said his company will redevelop the property either way. Wegmans has signed on to open a location at the site, and officials with the grocery store said Wegmans is not interested in the Owings Mills mall.


Developers: Kimco and General Growth Properties

Plan: To abandon the indoor mall concept, and build an outdoor, pedestrian friendly town center with approximately 1 million square feet of retail and restaurants, and fashion district centered around the existing JCPenney and Macy’s. The development will also link the main retail center to the movie theatre and connect to the neighboring Metro Centre.

Status: Developers have released a traffic study and retail analysis study, which claim that if all three projects move forward, there will be an oversupply of retail in the area and traffic issues. Geoff Glazer, Kimco’s vice president of acquisitions and development for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, said the plans would be scrapped if Solo Cup gets rezoned.


Developer: David S. Brown Enterprises

Plan: To build a transit-oriented development featuring , offices, shops and apartments. Phase one will include up to 300,000 square feet of office space, up to 100,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, plus 250 apartments, a company statement said.

Status: The building that will house the library and community college is under construction, and the developer plans to build the rest in phases, depending on demand.


Kimco and David S. Brown officials want to see the Owings Mills mall fixed before a retail project like Foundry Row opens on Reisterstown Road. Citing traffic and retail demand issues, the two developers are against the rezoning of the Solo Cup site.

Community activists as well as developers expressed their support and opposition last week at a planning board hearing in Pikesville. Those who say they believe all three projects can work together include Baltimore County Councilwoman Vicki Almond, the Owings Mills Corporate Roundtable, Reisterstown-Owings Mills-Glyndon Chamber of Commerce, Pikesville Chamber of Commerce and the Reisterstown-Owings Mills-Glyndon Coordinating Council.

In addition to Kimco and David S. Brown officials, some neighboring shopping center operators, civic associations and residents oppose the rezoning of the Solo Cup plant.

Foundry Row officials expect to release a traffic study later this month.

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Zoobie April 07, 2012 at 08:35 AM
What ever happened to Green Space (and I'm not refering to a retail chain)? Is it really necessary to build something on every open property that isn't developed. What I'm not hearing is someone willing to create places for children to congregate without getting into trouble (Instead of the Malls) Seems to me,kids would love to Roller/Ice Skate indoors or outdoors.It's worked very well on the Left Coast, so why not here.I Iook at Reisterstown and think, 'what's here for kids to do' The one Movie Theater closed years ago now, and every time i went to see a flick (Movie) business was good.Things are happening at Reisterstown Shopping Center, demolition, Big Lots. How about a nice little Three Screen Movie House? They tore the Bowling Lanes, and I was on a League there and it was seasonaly busy. Should have advetised for Kids. Leagues AND adult nites. Gets the youngsters off the street and out of trouble.Unless they're into home activities (Wii and Video Games) there's not much to keep kids entertained in good old Reisterstown these days.Oh, I almost forgot the other activity.....Teen Pregnancy! now, that's a winner.!!!


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