Finksburg Woman Opens Store, Chases Dream on Reisterstown's Main Street

Kim Schneider opened Divine Consign & Design on Main Street.

Divine Cosign & Design opened on Main Street Reisterstown in the fall of 2013. Credit: Kym Byrnes
Divine Cosign & Design opened on Main Street Reisterstown in the fall of 2013. Credit: Kym Byrnes

Kimberly Schneider said that she's had a dream of opening a consignment shop in a historic Main Street area for 10 years. This fall, that dream came true when she opened Divine Consigns & Designs on Main Street in Reisterstown. 

Schneider, who lives in Finksburg, said she wanted something close to home, something in a historical Main Street area and a store with a window front. And that's just what she found at 322 Main Street right next to Java Mama's. 

"I'm very lucky that this came open," Schneider said. "It was a double bonus when I found out how much traffic Java Mamas gets."

Schneider said she is really developing an eye for the unusual. She said she loves researching the history of items more than anything. 

"Maryland is flooded with antique stores, we have a lot more than most states so you have to find a niche," Schneider told Patch. "I was going to focus on mirrors but I'm finding they're harder to come by than what I thought."

Schneider said she is interested in unusual pieces and quality furniture. 

"What I found early on is that everyone has their grandmothers type of glassware that they don’t use. People don’t use them, and they don’t buy them," Schneider said. "It’s a learning process. If it’s cool looking glass, a cool shape or color, I’ll definitely take it, but typically Lenox cut glass doesn’t do it anymore."

There are challenges to operating an antique consignment shop on Main Street in Reisterstown, Schneider said. People want to do their shopping at bigger stores, even strip malls, she said. 

"It's hard to stand out and be unique," Schneider said. "I try hard not to have that thrift store look."

Schneider, who grew up in Reisterstown, said years ago Main Street Reisterstown was a hot destination for shopping but then "fell back" and is trying to "regain itself" now. 

"It's a little difficult to get the traffic coming in," Schneider said. "And being new, and with a lack of funds for advertising, is a challenge."

Divine Consign & Design is already "at maximum capacity" and Schneider said she is looking to expand into the back of the building so she can set up larger pieces of furniture.

Schneider said she thinks an annual antique road show on Main Street in Reisterstown would bring traffic to Main Street and draw people from outside the immediate area. She said she envisions people bringing items from their homes to get appraised. 

"People don't know how valuable their stuff is half the time," Schneider said. 

Carl J. Galler January 29, 2014 at 07:06 AM
It's great to see vacant properties on Main Street become occupied with neat shops! Kim's store has some really beautiful and eclectic merchandise!
kathy gambrill January 29, 2014 at 09:07 AM
Kim has enthusiasm and it shows in her shop. She has beautiful pieces. The way she displays them, it's easy to imagine them in your own home. Consignment is a great deal for the seller and buyer. Compare the prices in the big stores-you get much more for your money with consignment.
Chuck Burton January 29, 2014 at 10:13 AM
The Antiques Road Show idea is one Kim should pursue. Maybe a 3 day weekend in summer or early fall, so a day or so bad weather wouldn't wipe it out.
Joan Carson January 29, 2014 at 12:40 PM
Hi Kim I tell my customers about you and tell them to check you out ! It takes a little while to get word of mouth out there. Hang in there, warm weather will be here eventually...... Joan at Meadow Briar


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