Chesapeake Urology Launches Treatment Program Geared Towards Women

The program was created to help take the stigma out of female urologic conditions.

Credit: Chesapeake Urology
Credit: Chesapeake Urology

Owings Mills-based Chesapeake Urology Associates recently launched a program focusing on women's urology and pelvic health. The Women's Personal Health Program focuses on the unique urologic and pelvic health needs of females.  

"We've long known that women's health needs are vastly different than men's, and we designed a program that provides women with access to leading specialists in female urology and pelvic health," Sanford Siegel, M.D., CEO of Chesapeake Urology Associates, said in a statement.  "No other urology practice in the region has such a comprehensive women's program that addresses the intimate health issues that many women face but are often too embarrassed to seek help for."

Chesapeake Urology's women's personal health program includes fellowship-trained physicians, a urogynecologist and physicians focused on female urology with special training in areas such as pelvic reconstructive surgery, complex bladder and pelvic conditions, neurourology, and women's sexual health issues, according to a company statement. The program is complemented by a team of women's health specialists including pelvic floor physical therapists, urodynamicists for advanced diagnostics, a patient navigator dedicated to urinary incontinence patients, pessary specialists for treating pelvic organ prolapse as well as a urogynecology nurse practitioner. The program also offers clinical trials for women's conditions such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapsed.

The new women's personal health program address conditions ranging from urinary incontinence, chronic pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, pelvic organ prolapse and recurrent urinary tract infections to kidney stone disease and bladder problems.

Chesapeake Urology launched its new women's health program in response to a growing need for more personalized urologic services for a wide array of conditions affecting women. The program's providers found that many women live with troublesome symptoms of pelvic and urologic conditions for years before ever seeking treatment due in part to embarrassment over discussing intimate issues with their doctor and even confusion over where to turn to for help with life-altering symptoms. Chesapeake Urology's new women's program helps take the stigma out of intimate urologic health conditions for women.

Chesapeake Urology Associates is the largest urology practice in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region with 17 urology centers and 15 surgical centers throughout the greater Baltimore area. 

For additional information visit http://www.ChesapeakeUrology.com.


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