Sunday Night Live: Seth Meyers Comes to Stevenson

The popular sketch comedy show’s head writer and “Weekend Update” Anchor will be making his way from the Big Apple to Owings Mills on Sunday for a night of charm and chuckles.

Actor and comedian Seth Meyers is known for his impressions of Anderson Cooper, Secretary of State John Kerry (during the 2004 election) and characters like DJ Jonathan Feinstein from Jimmy Fallon ‘s “Jarrett’s Room” sketches and Dave “Zinger” Clinger.

Meyers, Saturday Night Live’s head writer and “Weekend Update” Anchor, will be making his way from the Big Apple to Owings Mills on Sunday night to perform at Stevenson University's gym.

As part of a new spring comedy series, the students and staff on campus decided to bring a comedy act for their big spring campus event. Students had voted online from a selection of different comedians including BJ Novak of “the Office” and Gabriel Iglesias, but Meyers got the most votes by a large margin.

“We definitely wanted to bring a big comedian to campus for a spring comedy series, we got an overwhelming response for Seth Meyers. We kept it a secret for a while, but when people found out they were really excited,” said Hope Miller Miles, Assistant Director of Student Activities at Stevenson.

Miles, along with the school’s student-lead programming organization MAP, Mustang Activities and Programming Board, have been planning the event. Miles says that 25 students have been helping with the planning process, including seven on committee. MAP itself has 40 active members.

“The students are given a budget and MAP is very good at looking at what they have to bring a variety of acts with the money they’re given,” said Miles.

Miles says over 900 tickets have been sold so far, and hopes they will sell out of the 1,200 tickets available. Tickets for the public are $33.50, Stevenson alumni and staff are $23.50, while Stevenson students get the best deal at $10 a ticket with SU ID and email.

Stevenson student Katie Shelton, who will be attending the event, thinks this event is a positive change in programming for Stevenson campus.

“I am excited because Seth is a well known comedian who is also currently on TV regularly. SU is finally stepping up its game and bringing in someone people know," said Shelton.

Miles says it was important to make the event affordable to students, but it was also really important to Miles and to Stevenson to have an event that would bring in some draw from the community.

“I think that we really want a lot locals there and make sure there was a big support from the community,” she said. Miles said so far tickets are split 50/50 between community members and students.

Tickets are available for purchase online at http://stevenson.universitytickets.com/user_pages/event.asp?id=160&cid=25 or in person at the Stevenson Campus Rockland Center.


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