Adat Chaim Hosting Sephardic Music Concert Saturday

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Rabbi Shuviel Ma'aravi is bringing his talents to Adat Chaim this weekend.

When Adat Chaim Rabbi David Greenspoon, a consistent frequenter of , stopped by and heard a Sephardic duet off the stringed instruments of Rabbi Shuviel Ma’aravi and store owner Joshua Polak, he readily admits the music brought a tear to his eye. 

Greenspoon, a regular attendee of the shop’s “Sunday Night Jams”, is no stranger to good music, but after hearing Ma’aravi’s smooth voice and incredible play on the guitar combined with Polak’s backup strumming of the mandola, he knew he just had to get them in front of his congregation.

This Saturday night at 7:30, the rabbi will finally get his wish when the tandem performs at Adat Chaim’s Evening of Sephardic Music.

“I am beyond thrilled,” Greenspoon said. “We’re expecting a really wonderful turnout for a delightful, free evening of music that you otherwise don’t really hear so much. That’s really exciting for us.”

Greenspoonn said that he was immediately drawn to Ma’aravi—who formerly served as the rabbi of Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation in Indianapolis—for his ability on the guitar and his “amazingly clear, sweet tone of voice.”

He also appreciates the unassuming, yet highly positive, energy that Ma’aravi emits when he plays both his Hebrew and Ladino tunes.

Ma’aravi and Polak, who met through Polak’s guitar shop, and have performed together on multiple occasions, have a Sephardic album in the works entitled “The Father-Daughter Thing.” The compilation features melodies from the duo as well as their daughters.

While Saturday’s event is free of charge, Adat Chaim is urging those interested to RSVP to guarantee comfortable seating. Visit the temple’s website for more details and contact information.

Joshua Polak February 09, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Thank you for the lovely article. We are looking forward to Saturday night. One correction; the article states "Ma’aravi and Polak, who met through Polak’s guitar shop, and have a Sephardic album in the works entitled “The Father-Daughter Thing.” The album will feature some Sephardic music but will include a wide variety of music. We did not meet through the shop but we do live in the same house and originally met by way of his daughter who is the main contributor to the upcoming CD. Thanks again...


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