3 Snow Day Activities for the Kids: Snow Ice Cream, Snow Globes and Snow Art

Avoid the echoes of "I'm bored" today - check out these fun snow day activities.

Make snow art with food coloring in a water bottle. Credit: YouTube
Make snow art with food coloring in a water bottle. Credit: YouTube
Snow days offer the obvious thrills -- building snow men, making snow angels, sledding and snow ball fights. But by day two, parents and kids alike can start getting antsy. Here are three fun ideas to keep the kids entertained on snow days. 

Have other ideas for snow day crafts, treats or activities? Share in the comments below. 

Snow Ice Cream
Give them something to do and a yummy treat at the same time. With some half and half or milk, sugar, vanilla and snow, kids can create their very own snow day Sundays. Watch this quick YouTube video for directions.  

Snow Globe
With some simple ingredients including a small jar, glitter, glue, glycerin or baby oil and a trinket or figurine -- kids can make their very own snow globes in minutes. Watch this short how-to video for making snow day snow globes. 

Snow Art
All you need to let the kids get colorful in the yard is some food coloring and water. Check out this video to see how to make the food coloring water bottles and how one person created a snow masterpiece in his yard. 


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