'Immoral People That Don't Care for Their Pets Are a Public Safety Issue:' You Said it!

Pitbull ownership, closing schools in the extreme cold, home sales in Owings Mills/Reisterstown: Patch readers weigh in on local issues.

Owings Mills-area residents shared their thoughts and opinions on local stories on Patch's Facebook page. Here's a roundup of some of the heartfelt, serious and downright strange comments -- you said it!

Should Schools Open in the Extreme Cold? 
Baltimore County opened schools two hours late Monday due to unusually cold temperatures. A conversation ensued on Patch about whether schools should have been closed. 

"People who want to compare us to the colder states are completely ridiculous, out buildings are not built to the same code, our schools and busses are not equipped the same. We are not prepared for this extreme cold." -- Stacie Vascil

"If you don't think your child is safe, then keep them home. That decision is up to you as a parent." -- Mimi Gurman Magaziner

"Can't compare our location with other places. Baltimore County is not used to these weather conditions. Buses didn't arrive on time and/or they broke down. Many children are walkers with no alternative ways to get to school." -- Joyce Goldberg Powell

"There is no way you are gonna convince me that bcps are teaching anything so important that children have to go to school in -14 degree weather." -- Lanie Love

"No they should have opened on time with no outdoor activities" -- Robert Raymond

October Home Sales in Owings Mills/ Reisterstown
Owings Mills saw about 30 more home sales in October than Reisterstown. See the interactive map here

"Goes to show the struggle of times. Let's face reality here, no one is listing their homes in these areas unless they are really forced too. We live in a desirable community." -- Shaliza Ali Harry

Marijuana in Maryland
Patch readers weighed in about legalizing marijuana in Maryland

"They are out of their minds if they do. Look back at all the ones that got arrested for selling and using it. What else will they come up with. We have loads of people that are brain fried now..why add more" -- Carole Bagnonni

"Yes but with stipulations!" -- Elyssa Goldman Yankelov

Owning Pitbulls
A look at the legal issues Pitbull owners may face

"Immoral people that don't care for their pets are a public safety issue." -- Beth Raphael


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