The Match.com for Summer Camps

A Baltimore-based free advisory service matches your child’s needs and interests to the best overnight summer experience, whether it’s nearby or across the globe. Ages 8-18.

“I really love the service you provide!  It’s just about impossible to sort through the zillions of camps out there and figure out which might be right for a particular kid.  Word of mouth, which is very effective for locating local services, has not been at all useful for summer camps.  I appreciate your guidance…” A Baltimore Parent.

How often do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed when searching the web looking for summer programs for your child? Traditional and specialty camps, travel, wilderness expeditions, community service, language immersion, academic camp?  What is right for my child? What are the differences between programs?

How often do you wish you could speak with a real person to ask a few specific questions about your child’s summer?  What questions should I ask myself when choosing?  What is age appropriate? What questions should I ask the program directors?

Everyone is asking neighbors, online chat rooms and rating websites where to send their child to camp. But what is right for them may not be right for you!  Why not ask a real person whose advice is free, whose company has visited over 600 summer programs and who has information, insights and nuanced guidance not available in a brochure or on a website.

I am a real person, summer advisor and Baltimore mom waiting to speak to you. My expertise is available to you free of charge. Contact 410-337-8645 or Eve@TipsonTripsandCamps.com, or visit us at www.TipsonTripsandCamps.com.

Jeffrey Van Brown January 25, 2014 at 12:46 PM
I am offering an online alternative resource for African-American parents. I have a vision of creating an online supplemental camp with an Afro-centric focus to expand on the ideas presented during Kwanzaa as well as during February (Black History Month). This camp would, by teaching about the academic accomplishments of African-Americans through reading Afro-centric history, cultural work and literature, reduce the reading achievement gap, as well as build a sense of pride in students to work and achieve. Check out the sites, join the groups on http://Facebook.com and http://Linkedin.com to participate. __________________________________________________________________________________ http://afro-centricprogramplan.weebly.com _____________________________ http://blackonlinecamp.zohosites.com/_ _____________________________ https://www.facebook.com/groups/570451862966806/ _____________________________ http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1978163&trk=hb_side_g _____________________________ https://www.facebook.com/groups/76434973493/ _____________________________ https://www.facebook.com/AfroCentricCamp _____________________________ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Intelligence-Today/165641943467658 ____________________________ http://www.afrocentriccampo.puzl.com/ _____________________________ http://www.educationprosperity.webs.com/ __________________________ http://blackeducation.jigsy.com/ _____________________________


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