The Harbour School Wins $25,000 for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland

The Harbouring Hope for Hunger team
The Harbouring Hope for Hunger team

The Harbour School at Baltimore wins $25,000 for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland!

A group of special needs students at The Harbour School at Baltimore worked tirelessly to stamp out hunger in their community! Out of 1500 schools nationwide, THIS team was chosen for their comprehensive plan and outstanding results to find sustainable solutions in hunger.

The Harbour School at Baltimore’s Harbouring Hope for Hunger has been chosen as a winner of LEAD2FEED, a nationwide student challenge created by the USA TODAY Charitable Foundation and the Lift a Life Foundation with assistance from the Yum! Foundation. This foundation encourages service learning directed to solving world hunger.

Representatives from LEAD2FEED will be at The Harbour School on June 12, 2014 to present the $25,000 check to Harbour and Meals on Wheels!

In conjunction with the school’s Museum Day 2014, “Solutions in World Hunger”, Siri Wenrich, English/Language Arts teacher in Baltimore created Harbouring Hope for Hunger. Her dedicated team of students has worked throughout the school year to find solutions for world hunger. The links below are videos created to show you the scope of their work.

Take a look at how they got started!


The team has created a video about the immense success of our school's Museum Day and how we found Solutions in Hunger: 


The Harbouring Hope for Hunger team created a video to share the positive effect this project has had on our students.


The team is committed to sustaining their work beyond the 2013-2014 school year. They are looking ahead at continuing their work and developing new initiatives.

Harbouring Hope for Hunger has become a permanent student organization at The Harbour School at Baltimore! They have inspired other students in the school to join their team this coming year. This year, they have volunteered more than 6500 hours to community service and have prepared/packaged over 650 lbs. of food for the hungry! Their goal is to DOUBLE these amounts for next year! 

They have formed a partnership with Meals on Wheels where they will work on future collaborative projects and the team will volunteer at least once per month to prepare/package food. 

 See below: 


Team members have personally delivered one of our 17 "Harbour Cares" packages (the other 16 were mailed) and helped The Harbour School at Annapolis plant their vegetable garden. They will be receiving updates from this school and other schools in the Harbouring Hope network as they progress with their healthy community garden and nutrition initiative. They look forward to helping each school nurture their own Harbouring Hope initiative! 

The Harbour team was honored to receive a written response from Sam Kass, the Executive Director of Michelle Obama's program "Let's Move!," expressing support of our project and possible interest in future collaboration! They are still waiting to hear from President Obama and our local Maryland politicians; however, they will continue to take political action. 

For the coming 2014-2015 school year, they plan to expand their initiative into other areas of community service, such as nutrition for the elderly and providing food for shelter animals. 

They plan to educate other students by visiting schools to promote healthy nutrition. They are continuing their endeavors to spread their message and gain support for the program through different media (e.g. newspaper, local news channel, community partnerships). Their goal for next year is to expand our Harbouring Hope network to 35 schools across the nation and the world! The team sincerely believes they can and will accomplish this goal!! 

The “Harbouring Hope” network will expand internationally next year, they have already contacted schools outside of the United States! 

The Harbour School is a nonpublic school serving students ages 6-21.  Students at the school have been diagnosed as having learning disabilities, high functioning autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, other health impaired (primarily ADHD) and multi-disabled.  

For more information:

The Harbour School 
11251 Dolfield Blvd.
Owings Mills, MD 21117


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