Preparing a 55 gallon tank to raise trout in is no easy task, but the 9th grade biology students at the Jemicy Upper School took on the task in order to participate in the Trout in the Classroom Program, funded by an Aquatic Resources Education Grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The day before the Kamploos Rainbow Trout eggs arrived, the Biology students conducted water tests to measure tank water pH, ammonia levels, nitrite levels, nitrate levels, and water hardness. All tests were at the appropriate levels for fish egg survival!  The students were very excited when the eggs arrived on January 10th and were placed in the breeder basket, where they will stay until they hatch, at which point the hatchlings will swim into their 55 gallon tank! There they will grow and thrive for 2-3 months before being released into their natural habitat in the wild.


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