In order to apply concepts from history, English, biology, and math to a real world challenge, Jemicy 9th grade students recently went to Genesee Valley for an outdoor camping adventure. Students formed civilizations and earned resources by completing assignments and answering subject-based questions. They then used these resources to expand their civilizations. The entire 3-day trip challenged the students to not only work in teams and to demonstrate their knowledge, but it also helped bridge key concepts from their core classes. The entire trip provided a wonderful and meaningful learning opportunity for all the students.

Mrs. Margaret A. Gorn established the Angel Fund in 2012 to further assert and reinforce the commitment she and her husband Samuel G. Gorn made to the education of children in the Baltimore area. In choosing Jemicy as the beneficiary of this fund, Mrs. Gorn recognized the commitment of Jemicy teachers and the difference they make in the lives of their students.


Any Jemicy faculty or staff member may submit a proposal for consideration for: special projects, educational activities, continuing education, speakers, research, curriculum development, etc. that are designed to improve and enhance the programs at the school.


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