Cheapest 3 Bedroom Homes: Owings Mills

42 Wengate Road
42 Wengate Road

Built in 1955 and listed for sale “as-is”, the home at 42 Wengate Road is Owings Mills’ least expensive home on the market today with at least three bedrooms. The top three least expensive homes listed for sale in Owings Mills with at least three bedrooms are:

1.      42 Wengate Road: $102,000

2.      9215 Leigh Choice Court, Unit #74: $140,000

3.      4 Tatler Place: $145,000

4.      159 Wimbledon Lane: $145,000

To find all homes listed for sale in Owings Mills and Baltimore County, or any County in Maryland, visit www.marylandproperties4sale.com


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